(California Work Opportunities and Responsibility to Kids)

The CalWORKs程序 at LAVC is open to assist you in person. We are located in ACA 1101

We are also available to assist you remotely.

  1. 发送一个 电子邮件 to
  2. 即时聊天 or 视频聊天 跟着我们 头盖骨咖啡馆 (link is also located in your student portal menu)
  3. Call our office at (818) 947-2976.



Photo of Staff Members of CalWorks Program

The CalWORKs程序 at LAVC is an educational, 培训, and job development program established for students who are parents and receive TANF (Temporary Aid to Needy Families).

Our goal is to provide an educational environment encompassing a full range of supportive services to enhance students' academic proficiency, 职业技能, 和生活技能. Students gain a strong foundation in education and career skills, paving the way to a sustaining career and achieving economic self-sufficiency.